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A brief history of ARI-Jackson Manufacturing along with its current status as a member of the ARI- Industrial Products Group and its parent, American Railcar Industries.


The ARI-Jackson Manufacturing facility is located in Southeast Missouri. It was built in1985; the first industry in the Industrial Park located off of Highway PP in Jackson Missouri. The plant, which covers over 120,000 square feet, has had six expansions and is equipped with the state of the art process manufacturing equipment.

ARI-Jackson Manufacturing is part of American Railcar Industries, Inc. (ARI). ARI's roots date to 1873 when St. Charles Car Manufacturing Company was founded. The late 1800's boom of the rail industry accounted for a merger by some 13 companies producing rail products. Today manufacturing plants can be found in Texas, Arkansas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

ARI-Jackson Manufacturing offers a variety of manufacturing services that include fabrication, welding, forging, heat treating and CNC machining. Welding operators are certified to the American Welding Societies standard D15.1 for aluminum, stainless and carbon steel in TIG and MIG processes.

“We believe our business must strive to maintain manufacturing process flexibility, which is evident in over 5,000 different items we produce. We are a registered ISO-9001:2000 facility and we are committed to continuously improving our systems and processes by responding to our customers' needs, through capital investments and employee training."

   Our Capabilities  
  ARI Jackson Manufacturing is centrally located to service customers throughout the Midwest.  
  Our in house purchasing agents strive to maintain competitive pricing on raw material.  
  Our Jobbing Order department is designed to expedite our customer's unplanned emergency.  
  Our machine shop offers 6 CNC Okuma turning centers. The Okuma turning center is recognized worldwide for its ability to maintain tight tolerances. We also have 3 Leblond Makino machining centers and numerous vertical and horizontal mills, drills and lathes.  
  ARI Jackson Manufacturing maintains over 50 certified welding operators to weld on aluminum, stainless and carbon with unlimited plate thicknesses.  
  Our Fabrication department is equipped with a CNC burn table, 4 production presses, 2 brakes and other pieces d equipment.  
  ARI Jackson Manufacturing is equipped with 2 state of the art heat treating furnaces.  
  Our Forge department is equipped with I-1/2” and 4" upsetters and presses.  
  Our Finishing department contains 12' x 20' metal grit blast for surface preparation of carbon steel. Our paint room offers 2 paint booths.  

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